In early 1993, I build what we call today a LCMS, or Learning Content Management System, and I called it the Hyper-B Suite (the first name was Hypermedia Builder).

The original idea came out of desperation: the content kept changing, thus making my life as a multimedia developer miserable. So I decided to separate the content from the shell, which allowed me to do this:

The system had the Content Editor on one side, and a series of different Content Viewers on the other. This allowed the same content to be packaged and viewed in different formats.

This even led to the start of my own company, Erigo Technologies, which I ran from 1997 to 2005.

Here's the Product Sheet:

And here's what the next version of the Hyper-B Editor might have looked like in late 2002, if I had pushed it to the next level...